Dental Applications of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an alloy made of iron, Chromium (16%), Carbon, and Nickel (7%) which the metal resistance from corrosion. Stainless Steel made for dental surgeries contains between 17% and 19% Chromium and 14% Nickel. Molybdenum is added to surgical stainless steel to act as a shield against any acids in the body that may cause corrosion.

Dental surgeries have evolved to ensure that we have the best smiles. In the age of scientific discoveries and technology, now you can have all your lost teeth replaced with permanent fixtures. The dental industry has been using stainless steel for several dental applications. Here are some examples of how dentists use surgical grade stainless steel.

Dental Implants

It is normal for teeth to weaken and fall out over time due to various reasons. That does not mean that you cannot get that full mouth of teeth back. Dental implants are teeth that are planted on your jaws to fill in any gaps left by lost teeth. The steel fastens in the jaw and holds the new tooth in place. The implants can last for years. The steel includes durable alloys like titanium which increases its lifespan.

Dental Treatment for Facial Abnormalities

Children born with cleft lips or palates often require special orthodontic care that involves the use of stainless steel to fix the abnormalities. Orthodontists use the surgical stainless steel to create the braces to seal the gap and realign other features in the mouth that have been affected by the defect.

Braces are also an everyday use for stainless steel. Braces help align teeth in the mouth and may last in the mouth for an extended period. Dentists fasten braces to the teeth using brackets.

Modern dentistry has created numerous solutions to dental problems. Surgical stainless steel has helped as one of the means for people to acquire their smiles back through various treatments.