When Do You Need a Land Surveyor?

If you have ever thought about land surveying, you might imagine people like Lewis and Clark charting the wilderness of the American frontier. Modern America has been thoroughly explored, but the surveying profession lives on. So, what do land surveyors do nowadays, and what can they possibly do for you?

Surveyors Really Know Their Boundaries

If you’re a homeowner, at some point you’ll probably want to determine the exact location of your property line. If not for your own curiosity, perhaps you’re involved in a dispute with a neighbor or, on a more positive note, considering some outdoor renovations. Whatever the case, you’ll need to consult the deed to determine the extent of your land, as previously determined by a surveyor. When no title is available, you may have to hire a land surveyor hernando county fl yourself to measure your property against existing records.

Surveyors Are Real Property Experts

If you are planning to renovate your property, it will be wise to consult the original property survey before making any major modifications. Depending on the scope of your proposal, you may need to contract a land surveyor to check whether the work will even be feasible. This is especially smart in a situation such as adding a garage or other outbuildings on property in a coastal location or other area with a high water table.

Surveyors Aren’t Just for the Home

Land surveyors also do similar work on a larger scale. Surveyors help localities implement and enforce zoning regulations. Strict zoning guarantees your neighbor won’t be a bar or a factory with its attendant noise and nuisance. Some municipalities don’t allow such businesses anywhere inside their boundaries. Even today, land surveyors may be enlisted to fulfill their historic functions when a border conflict arises between larger jurisdictions, such as American states.

Property issues are often thorny for jurisdictions and individuals. Whenever there’s a property-related problem, a land surveyor may be just the person to solve it.